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Our services

Since 2015, we have been touching your production with our engineering 'Architect of the Industry'  as in our motto  with unique and unique solutions in the applications inherent in our name.





Process Equipment



According to the customer's technical knowledge and the detail of knowing how to do it, projecting and application services are provided for the production scale for the production phase.

Electrification-Instrumentation workmanship is provided by our trained technical personnel who have Atex, OHS certification and tools-equipment-tool usage certificates.

Engineering, project design, supply and manufacturing services are provided for  panels for electrical strong and weak current, automation control systems hardware.

Business-based Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Festo, Siemens Brand and model and customer-oriented software and hardware engineering services are provided.

Engineering, supply and manufacturing services are provided according to the needs, capacity, design and standard requirements of the mechanical components of the processes.


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