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Thanks to our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, we always assure our clients of quality, strong work ethic and on-time delivery. Our customizable options and a wide range of prices for every budget ensure you find the solution you need. Check out the services we provide below and get in touch now.


US-A Factory Automation and Engineering Inc. offers you not only high quality but also the variety that will enable you to find the production management system you are looking for with its wide product range. We guarantee customer satisfaction with the highest quality materials, the most advanced production technologies and our expert software team.

Service and Maintenance


Our expert team guarantees that your repair will be completed effectively and efficiently. We have the experience and dedication to do our job right. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

Spare part

Kayıp parça

US-A Factory Automation and Engineering Inc. You can be sure that your demands and requests will be more than met during the time you work with us. Read on to learn more about the services we provide, or contact us if you have questions about a particular service.

Product Supply

US-A Factory Automation and Engineering Inc.When   first opened its doors, our team decided to focus on three key principles: quality, pricing and service. We are proud to say that our values that we have guided ourselves by have not changed until today. Regardless of the size of the business, we give the same care to every customer. Reach out at any time to start talking with us and build a lasting relationship.

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