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Process Equipment

Chemical Reactors

Chemical reactors It is the process equipment in which a chemical reaction is carried out. It is a classical process unit frequently used in process design and analysis. The design of a chemical reactor requires the use of more than one element of chemical engineering. Reactors are of great importance in terms of process design, as they are very basic equipment where raw materials are converted into products in the process. Our reactors, custom designed to maximize a reaction,In order to keep the purchasing and operating costs at the lowest levels, while keeping the amount of product produced at the highest level,It ensures the continuity of the reaction towards the products with the highest possible efficiency.they cry. Energy input, energy output, raw material costs, labor etc. Examples of operating expenses. Heating, cooling, pumping to increase pressure, pressure drop due to friction and precipitation are also examples of energy changes.

The design of chemical reactors and the study of reaction kinematics is an important issue for production processes. Please contact us for your requests   regarding the design of chemical reactors with our chemical reaction engineering and especially your applications in laboratory, pilot and industrial scale production dimensions of chemical kinetics.

Fermentation (Bioreactors)

FermentationThe production vessels with various control mechanisms in order to work in a controlled and efficient manner are called fermenters. Therefore, we can say that the heart of the fermentation process is the fermenter.

Fermentors with mixers are produced in many different sizes and shapes according to your wishes and offered for your use. Please contact us for your requests regarding the design of your bioreactors and especially for your applications in pilot and industrial scale production for our fermentors where certain conditions are prevailing in which organisms produce the desired substances.

Distillation Columns

Distillation, which is the most important component in obtaining more volatile component-rich mixtures by heating a mixture containing two or more components and forming vapor and liquid phase, and according to customer process requirements.Our designed tray, filled type belts allow the liquid mixture to be separated from each other by making use of the volatility differences. Please contact us for your system design and/or belt requests.

Industrial Blenders

Blenders, they are generally used for good quality homogeneous mixing of different materials.

Chemistry, Petro kBlenders, which are used in different sectors such as chemistry, food, medicine, mineral enrichment, in a wide area, meet the requirements of the processes.They serve for the mixing of materials.

Our mixers, which are designed at different operating pressure and temperature ratios, can also provide the heat required for the mixture of different solutions with the systems to be applied to the inner or outer wall of the boiler in the desired design.

High efficiency in blenders is provided by the efficiency of mixing. Please contact us for your special propeller and blade designs and your requests for standard and special blade designs for high mixing efficiency in specific applications.

Tube Heat Exchangers

In tube heat exchangersThe heat transfer surface consists of pipes. While one fluid flows through the pipes, the other fluid flows from the body side parallel or diagonally to the pipes. Therefore, heat transfer takes place on the pipe surfaces. 

Tubular heat exchangers provide heat transfer thanks to the pipes passing through the surface. In high pressure or temperature situations, tubular heat exchangers are preferred instead of gasketed or brazed heat exchangers. Tube heat exchangers are the heat exchanger class used in all processes. There are many different types within its group. Please contact for your requests.


Raw material and/or product storage, stock and in-production Process Tanks are tanks designed to meet the needs of the process and manufactured in accordance with the hygiene rules, with various qualities of mixer, heating-cooling jacket, insulation. Various stages or processes in productions often have special requirements such as time, pressure, temperature, mixing and other operating conditions. Please contact   for your requests regarding tanks that ensure the necessary working conditions and control of production at every step until the desired product is obtained.

Water Cooled (Shell And Tube Condensers) Condensers

The Water Cooled Condenser used in cooling systems is the most economical in terms of installation and operating costs. While designing this type of condensers, data such as thermal permeability, water pollution coefficient, pressure drop in the water circuit, subcooling level of the fluid and fin efficiency are taken into consideration. Please contact for your requests.

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